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Tatsu no naku koro ni (When they cry tribute)

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What does it means "Tatsu no naku koro ni"?

Tatsu no naku koro ni, it's translated as "The Place where Dragons cry" it's a tribute to a certain past project I was going to do with some friends that never really took off, we hope this is not the case, and besides it's a tribute to Ryukishi too, (Ryukishi=Dragon Knight) I know it comes from Final Fantasy tribute but why not make a tribute out of the tribute ;D.

The cry of a dragon is the saddest sound of the whole world...
since the dragons are creatures that are believed to not exist,
Nobody can hear their sadness and so...
noone can cure it either...


That little verse is what got me into putting that name to the project too, and of course a friend made me realize, a dragon is believed to not exist like magic, so it applies perfectly to the project too.