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Tatsu no naku koro ni (When they cry tribute)

Applications for the OC's and STAFF MEMBERS ARE OPEN!!!


Who are the Demons?
Demons are creatures that humans have feared for centuries as their own evil, and therefore the anti-magic toxin is weak on them. The demons can be working for the witch that will carry out the murders in Tomogashima, only one will be chosen so make a good app for the witch to choose your demon. If you do not wish to enter this your demon can be entered in the project as rouge.
How many demons will be allowed?
We have a lot of demons already, so no more than 2.

How many character can I apply to this category?
Normally I'll let a limit of 5 points to each staff member, but you can't use your 5 characters in the same category, divide them as you wish but you can't have 5 demons or 5 guests. The categories are divided in points.

Guests: 1 point.
Demons: 2 points.
Witches: 3 points.
Furniture: 1 point.


1.- You are able to use magic.

2.- You can act as a furniture following the commands of a witch, or a rouge demon all demons will be controlled by a special designated demonic figure, you will have to answer at him, even if you are a rouge, he is a higher rank.

3.- Your character can know about the games in Tomogashima.

4.- You demon can act in the game as an observer or enter the affairs in the game of course if you do, you would have to follow certain rules, like forming a pact with either the witch or the rival, make a temporary deal or something, that will be up to you or the player.

5.- Your character cannot be overpowered, I know all people get excited as to create a demon, but refrain yourself of choosing the 1 pillar in the 72 demons, seriously I’m not really fond of just researching wikipedia, if you want a demon investigate! It’s not hard.
 6.- If you send your application but it’s not accepted, you can try to fix it or send a new one.

7.- You will be working in a Role-Playing with expert Role-players, if you can’t take serious-Role-plays, or role-plays aside from harcore sex-rps please refrain from entering. There will be comedy but please you need to know that there’s a moment for everything.
8.- If you have no idea of Role-playing, please don’t think that we are going to help you, we need expert Role-players, we don’t have time to help you.

9.- Don’t get mad, if you don’t get your way in the story, it’s not around you. And believe me you are not the only main character.


11.- If you don’t know about Higurashi or Umineko, please investigate VERY WELL or read at least one visual novel before applying we will be using terms of Umineko and we will need you to have that knowledge.


Copy-Paste this application in a new e-mail, fill it out with your character.

Attach a drawing of your Original Character with colors. (only drawings made by you, we don’t want art theft), even if you think your drawing is not good don’t worry send it. There will be someone else making the sprites. And if you really can’t draw, send a VERY DETAILED description and some refs. (This can be anime) of how you imagine your character.
With the title: Demon Application.
Send it to:


FOR ALL DEMONS: As an admin I can help you with information about your demon, please send first the name of the demon you wish for, and see if it’s available, since we have a brother project WE DON’T WANT MORE THAN 1 DEMON FOR EACH NAME. And if your demon is available and you send a good app and it’s accepted I can provide more information about your demon.


Basic Information:

RPer: (Here goes your name as staff member it can be a nickname)
Rank: (there are some names already taken by our brother project so ask first in a separate e-mail if you can use the title before applying, you can’t use Umineko ranks, Gaap, Ronove and such)

Sexuality: (We don’t judge)


Hair color: (It can be any color, but please try to stay in one shade, I don’t want rainbow coloured hair)

Skin Tone:


Unique Qualities: (Anything that makes them stand out)



Bad Habits:

Magic: This is a very special part of your application, I will base my decision in this part more than ANYTHING ELSE.


Powers: (What can you do?)

How does your power aid witches:

Weakness Powers: (What can destroy your powers)

Background Story:


RP Monolouge: (More than 10 Sentences, please RP the character you are applying for. And please write the monolouge as a third person monolouge.)