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Tatsu no naku koro ni (When they cry tribute)

Applications for the OC's and STAFF MEMBERS ARE OPEN!!!

Welcome to Tomogashima 友ヶ島


Tatsu no naku koro ni, or (Where the dragons cry) is a tribute project of When they cry series that were created by the great Ryukishi, from 07th Expansion, as fellow fans of the two sound novels we decided to make a tribute using Original Characters in an envoirment alike to Higurashi no naku koro ni and Umineko no naku koro ni. We do not intend to gain everything from this project and we support Ryukishi completely, at most what we would like to win is to be recognized by Ryukishi that we did a good job. We are a brother project with Umineko The After, please check their page here:

This project is not a copy and nothing that belongs to Ryukishi will be used beyond his original ideas of a witch's game and the world surrounding witches and probably the name using no naku koro ni, please we appreciate comments but remember we are only fans doing this for other fans, to promote original dounjishi publishing and to promote the ideas of the team, most want to design characters, clothes, edit videos, create music animate and program videogames and want to work in a project of their own, but we can not do it by ourselves, we created this team between friends so we could practice in an actual working envoirment and an actual published project that we would like to share, this project is still starting, so please if you want to cooperate in this project read the rules and the avialable and needed parts of the team. In the section application.

Thanks for reading and I hope you like, so without further wait,

Welcome to Tomogashima
we hope you enjoy your stay~