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Tatsu no naku koro ni (When they cry tribute)

Applications for the OC's and STAFF MEMBERS ARE OPEN!!!



We are in need of:

Music Composers.
Sprites Inkers.

Coloring for sprites.
Video Editors.
Videogame programming (NScripter thanks to Meryujinu for the info)

Transcribers to literal.


Style Correctors.


If you want to apply for a job, pleased send a job application to the e-mail,


Remember you can’t make money from this, but if you are for example a music composer and you make like 13 songs for the project we will promote the CD and help you make a cover for it and it will have your credits only, you can use it as a portfolio.


As everyone you can use the project and the things you’ll do in part of the project,  as part of your portfolio. You can’t claim for things you didn’t do of course, but you have permission to use it as part of your portfolio.