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Tatsu no naku koro ni (When they cry tribute)

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Tatsu no naku koro ni

Welcome to Tomogashima
Where paths that were never meant to cross are forced to crash

A young ghost novelist under the name of  “Handan” [はんだん], has gained a lot of fame around the world being the writer of some of the best sellers in murder and mystery novels of the past years, publishing almost a new best seller each six months, suddenly Kadan’s novels ceased to appear for almost two years. And now suddenly the ghost writer has decided to give out his signature in his last novel written over two years ago, “Prime Numbers”.

Two weeks after that world tour, some fans around the world receive a letter from
Handan, saying:

For you, if you dare to know what lies within these words,

I invite you, as a fellow murder mistery fan, to my house located in a small island in the Wakayama prefecture, Tomogashima, where we will re-act an unique case, you will have the privilege and pleasure to solve the mystery and of course, a high reward comes with it, for whoever that solves my mystery will receive in exchange 20 million dollars –USA Dollars-. The only thing I ask in return is for you to help me to re-enact this murder in order for us to write next great murder mystery story. Worry not for fees or transportation for it will all be taken care of at the moment you accept the challenge. If you accept this invitation, please sign and return this letter as soon as possible to confirm your assistance and send your plane tickets. I look forward to see your signature as a sign of acceptance of this challenge.

Sincerely yours,

November 19th, 2002. Our story begins once we received those invitations. When we arrived at the island, a young lady received us who accepted her so called “challenge”, Hadan’s letter.

 One day after arriving in Tomogashima, at Hadan’s mansion, a hurricane stroke the coasts of Wakayama, making us impossible to leave the island since the only transportation to the coast was the ferry. Her challenge was interesting enough at the beginning but, once some of the guests began to disappear suddenly and getting murdered, it was just too real to be just an act. It was up to us to discover the truth behind the deaths in Tomogashima.

Please… heed my words… I ask you to find the truth behind this mystery… The mystery of Tomogashima…

At the same time, a powerful witch has decided to create the best game in all the history of witches and for that has recognized a new witch with a lot of potential, she has given her apprentice the responsibility to perform the best game in the story of witches and the scenario that both chose it’s Tomogashima.