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Tatsu no naku koro ni (When they cry tribute)

Applications for the OC's and STAFF MEMBERS ARE OPEN!!!

Guests Rules and Application Form:

Who are the Guests?
A group of humans invited to Tomogashima to figure out a closed room murder planned out by a famous murder novelist, but everything takes a weird turn as they are trapped in the island by a typhoon, the famous statues of Dragons in the residence of Cross Ravenly mansion seem like crying as the rain pour down on them, as the old legend used to say...When the Dragons cry there is no longer any way of escape.

How many character can I apply to this category?
Normally I'll let a limit of 5 points to each staff member, but you can't use your 5 characters in the same category, divide them as you wish but you can't have 5 demons or 5 guests. The categories are divided in points.

Guests: 1 point.
Demons: 2 points.
Witches: 3 points.
Furniture: 1 point.

How many guests are allowed?
We have a limited number for each category, please...when the list is filled out in the proper CHARACTER section do NOT send anymore applications. The limit number is 19.


1.- You are NOT able to use magic.

2.- You will be bound to die don’t try to fight it, if you apply you’ll be bound to this rule, if your character has to die, you can’t do anything about it.

3.- Your character cannot know about the games in Tomogashima.

4.- After your character has died, you cannot make him appear until you are allowed to do so by the admin.

5.- Your character cannot be overpowered, guests are humans and have limits and flaws the more flaws and limits the better the character.
6.- If you send your application but it’s not accepted, you can try to fix it or send a new one.

7.- You will be working in a Role-Playing with expert Role-players, if you can’t take serious-Role-plays, or role-plays aside from harcore sex-rps please refrain from entering. There will be comedy but please you need to know that there’s a moment for everything.
8.- If you have no idea of Role-playing, please don’t think that we are going to help you, we need expert Role-players, we don’t have time to help you.

9.- Don’t get mad, if you don’t get your way in the story, it’s not around you. And believe me you are not the only main character.


11.- If you don’t know about Higurashi or Umineko, please investigate VERY WELL or read at least one visual novel before applying we will be using terms of Umineko and we will need you to have that knowledge.

You may think this is a little bit too much for an application, but I need you to think in every single detail for this application only that way we’ll have very good planned characters and not mary-sues.


Copy-Paste this application in a new e-mail, fill it out with your character.
With the title: Guest Application.
Send it to:

Basic Information:

RPer: (Here goes your name as staff member it can be a nickname)
Last Name:


Sexuality: (We don’t judge)


Hair color: (It can be any color, but please try to stay in one shade, I don’t want rainbow coloured hair)

Skin Tone:


Unique Qualities: (Anything that makes them stand out)



Bad Habits:
Is sick with anything: (it can be from having to use glasses to a heart defect)


Background Story:

RP Monolouge: (More than 10 Sentences, please RP the character you are applying for. And please write the monolouge as a third person monolouge.)