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Tatsu no naku koro ni (When they cry tribute)

Applications for the OC's and STAFF MEMBERS ARE OPEN!!!

Furniture of the Witch

There are 7 spots in this area, we need confident RPers, they have a special uniform, already designed so there won't be changes, how this application will work. I'll post some personality traits for each of the 7 furniture and their names. They are based on planets, there are planets missing, why? There's a special reason behind this which won't be mentioned for now at least. Their weapons are SWORDS can't be changed.


  • Suisei 水星 (Mercury) (Element: Water)
  • Kinsei 金星 (Venus) (Element: Metal)
  • Kasei 火星 (Mars) (Element: Fire)
  • Mokusei 木星 (Jupiter) (Element: Wood)
  • Dosei 土星 (Saturn) (Element: Soil)
  • Tsusei (Moon) (Element: Silver)(I know it's Tsuki for moon but they have to follow a special name order)
  • Meisei (Element: Darkness) (I know it's not considered a planet but I still consider it)

Mercury shows the focus of your mentality as the instrument and reflection of the ego-force. Mercury reveals the different ways in which people's minds work, their intellectual interests and aptitudes, and the way these people communicate. Key word: Lord of Speech

Venus, the symbol of beauty and the sentiment of affection, shows where you will relax, indulge your sense of comforts, improve the surroundings with color, ornamentation, music and romance. Where Venus is found, there is a condition of beauty. Venus shows the individual's female nature, relationships and attitudes to pleasure and the arts. Key word: Graceful or Lazy, Gentle or Indecisive.

Moon, which symbolizes feelings, sensitivities, awareness and understanding.

Mars means you will initiate action, improvise corrective or adjustment measures, sally forth in competition, and aggressively fight for what you want, it shows where you will act impulsively and spontaneously to satisfy natural instincts. Mars shows the native's general energy level, the way practical problems are handled, attitudes to men and expression of the male psyche.

Jupiter makes it clear that you are able to apply your sense of optimistic expansion with the most profit. It also points at the areas where you will feel the most expansive and generous in material matters. Jupiter reveals the different ways in which people's minds work, their intellectual interests and aptitudes, and the way these people communicate.This planet describes your optimism and aspirations. Key word: Jovial, Expansion and Preservation Material Matters of all Kind.

Saturn takes precendence in Self-preservation. If the native does not solve this requirement of basic security, none of the other matters can have any permanent satisfaction. Key Words: Limitation. Rise & Fall of Fortune

Pluto symbolizes the masses and stands for sudden change, destruction, regeneration and transformation. It can be interpreted in context with the actual happenings in the world. Pluto shows where you will most strongly resist conditions as you find them and will bend every effort (including violent revolt—if necessary) to bring into being conditions as you feel they should be. Key Words: Elimination, Renewal, Regeneration Mutation, Transition, Rebirth.

About their design that's up to you please bear in mind their elements and their personality treats. You have to create mostly a hair-due if they have anything that makes them stand-out, personality basing on the information above and if they are female or male, please follow the application form in Apps section for furniture.