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Tatsu no naku koro ni (When they cry tribute)

Applications for the OC's and STAFF MEMBERS ARE OPEN!!!


Contest for creating the Rival Character!

Well as I’ll be administrating, I’ll let one of the staff members to be the Rival or “Battler” in this project, there are some guidelines and rules to this contest, afterwards there will be a voting for the favourite option and the final decision will be announced when all the List of Characters is ready~ so you have some time to enter your character!

Let’s get this straight, I need someone that is really interested in RPing a character like this, someone that is not going to quit on the project and will have to be a staff member VERY ACTIVE, if you can’t do that…DO NOT APPLY. Seriously guys…the rival and the witch needs to be in most RPs and needs to be very intelligent in creating various formulas about crimes. If you just think you can do them….do not apply…I don’t really like the idea of having a dumb rival. If you are not a good RPer do not apply I need someone that can write wall-of-text.


A Picture is needed in this application, it won’t be showed until the character is chosen. Drawing skills are not necessary, if you can’t draw ask another staff member or use anime refs for it. It doesn’t have to be a boy, it is allowed to have a female rival.



1° Your character have to be interested in the books of
Handan, (afterall he is in Tomogashima for a reason), mistery murder novels.

2° Your character have to be smart-mouth, what is this? He or She needs to comeback with good comebacks, like Battler’s: Make me a sandwich with those cowtits or Small Bombs.

3° Your character have to be against believing in magic, again this doesn’t mean that he hates magic he or she won’t just allow a theory like magic for the crimes.

4° Your character can’t be related to ANYTHING of the Ushiromiya or anything on Umineko.

5° Needs to be stubborn!

6° Need to create CRAZY theories as the crimes happen.

7° In your background there’s gotta be this points:

*Massive fan of mystery books
*Can’t be over 20 years.





1° Your character can know about the game of the witch, but can’t tell anyone since there’s a part of him in the meta-world and the other is his or her piece.

2° Will have to fight for the humans in Tomogashima, even if your character is not related to anyone, you have to fight for them and try to not mistrust them, try to prove any kind of alternate theories before blaming someone.

3° You need to be active, and you need to have a msn or something along the lines to communicate with the admin.

4° You can’t just quit, if you can’t take care of the character anymore you’ll be giving him to someone else, it will still remain your creation but we will use it, you must accept this before entering.

5° You’ll be able to use red truth.




Basic Information:

RPer: (Here goes your name as staff member it can be a nickname)
Last Name:



Hair color: (It can be any color, but please try to stay in one shade, I don’t want rainbow coloured hair)

Skin Tone:


Unique Qualities: (Anything that makes them stand out)



Bad Habits:
Is sick with anything: (it can be from having to use glasses to a heart defect)


Background Story:


Rping monologue: (at least 8 sentences)


Riddle Test:

1° For some I go fast for others I'm slow. To most people, I'm an obsession relying on me is a well practiced lesson.
What I am?


2° Romeo and Juliet are found dead on the floor in a bedroom. When they were discovered, there were pieces of glass and some water on the floor. The only furniture in the room is a shelf and a bed. The house in is a remote location, away from everything except for the nearby railway track. What caused the death of Romeo and Juliet?


3° What can be heard and caught but never seen?

(DO NOT LOOK FOR THE ANSWERS RP ME A SITUATION WITH YOUR CHARACTER FIGURING OUT THE ANSWER AND THE PATH OF THOUGHT) if you don’t know the answer is ok, I just need how would he or she would try to figure out the answer and if they actually reach it or not... is ok if they don’t you can RP that too.