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Tatsu no naku koro ni (When they cry tribute)

Applications for the OC's and STAFF MEMBERS ARE OPEN!!!


How would you like the name of the Furniture of the Witch be called?

UPDATES~! 18/10/10

We are officially open and we are just starting up! We are in need of a lot of Characters! Please start by reading all the topics in ABOUT and then in Apps you can apply following the rules and the application templates! Thanks for visiting! Hope you enjoy your stay~! Any questions please send them to! We have a poll currently for naming the team that will be the furniture of the Witch. Please go down  on this page.

 Tatsu no naku koro ni (When they cry tribute)

Welcome to this tribute project, where Original Characters in a new Original setting and a new game will begin, based in the events of Umineko no naku koro ni the sound novel written by Ryukishi from 07th Expansion, for now we have only little information in the web page please bear with me, I'll post everything as soon as I can, and please expect a new teaser trailer soon~! 

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